The new LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System set was recently announced and will be hitting the LEGO Certified Stores by the 1st of September this year. It is the perfect throwback set. Encapsulating the memory of yesteryear in perfect plastic symmetry. The NES build appeals to everyone, from video gamers who want a cool display next to their game collection or the LEGO enthusiasts.

Ready Player One

The set is quite extensive and looks to be a genuinely fun construct. It comes with a controller and a cable. It even has an opening slot for the game pack. Also included is a tv with 8-bit Mario slapped inside. There is also an action brick which can be scanned by Mario. Now he can react to onscreen enemies and obstacles, bring the set to life.

I am loving how the LEGO group is maximizing the potential with this brand. The ideas feel so fresh and out of the norm. LEGO seems to have this innate ability to take any existing brand and somehow crank the fun factor to 11. Its the openly known trade secret.

Press Start to Continue

The price was revealed at R3799.99. A little more than what we benched it after pictures but it will most likely be a limited run. While that is purely speculation, the truth is they will set out fast regardless. I foresee an Ecto-1 rush for this.

Hopefully, this will also lead to more fun set like the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System. Maybe next we can get a mini GameBoy set to go along with this. How about some add-in cartridges.

This set will be available at all LEGo Stores as well as online at