Cosplayer name: Toonibug

Name: Teri

Surname: Ferreira

Age: 36

Facebook: Toonibug

Instagram: Toonibug

TikTok: Toonibug

Favorite Food: Chicken, Eggs, and Toast

Favorite Drink: Frappuccino, berry ice tea, coffee, vodka cranberry.

Favorite Movie: There are too many to pick just one.

Favorite Song: Rolling Stones – Paint It, Black

Favorite Series: Frasier

Favorite Animation/Cartoon: The Last Unicorn

Favorite Anime: Spirited Away

Favorite Character: Again, too many to name just one.

Favorite Comic: I haven’t read one in ages! But Id loves to get into The Mighty Thor.

Favorite Colour: Seafoam green

Likes: Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pokemon, Cosplay, Art, Movies, Travel, Cats, Alternative music, coffee, popcorn, friends and my hubby and child,

Dislikes: Bad manners.

BIO: Born in Durban(technically Kloof), 2nd dan Black Belt in Shukokai Karate (my whole family does it) and Karate instructor for 13 years. Married high school sweetheart and one daughter. My birthday is on Halloween so Iv always been a little extra when it comes to dressing up. Especially for Durban! I moved to JHB in 2014 and attended my first con and discovered cosplay! I had always been BIG into dress up but never had the support or the platform until then. My daughter loves cosplay too and sometimes I can convince my hubby to join in too. Ironically, cosplay has been a wonderful way for me to have my own identity in a world that has these expectations and labels for me as a wife and mother. I am so grateful for fellow artists that love my creativity support me and allow me to be me with no judgment.

Last Words: (well they’re not MINE, but I like them) Loyalty, honestly, kindness, empathy, tolerance, acceptance, happiness, fun, create, love.

Motto/Slogan: You can’t have everything, where would you put it?

You cannot control those around you, only your reaction.

“Thank you for this. All of this. 💖” -Toonibug