Harley Quinn has managed to catapult herself to the top of DC’s most recognizable characters to mainstream audiences. Her blend of sexiness,, craziness and homicidal tendencies have made her a fan favorite. It is in this light that Warner/DC has greenlighted multiple projects starring her. From movies to animation, Harley is being moonlighted. She is indeed a very interesting character. Harley is one part sexy, one part strong-minded and 2 parts deranged. We catch up with her breaking free from a controlling man and finding the strength to forge her destiny.

The Animated Show

After a very long wait, the show finally aired. It was everything we had hoped for and then some. The show has us drop in with an already seasoned Harley. She is still very much with Mista J and causing mayhem all over Gotham. The pilot is essentially a setup episode that focuses on putting the pieces in place. There is a lot crammed in and does feel cluttered at times. I suppose it was about pulling the maximum audience. It is, after all, a mature series. This also means gratuitous violence as well as dropping F-Bombs. With a show focused on the ex-girl of Joker, I think this is to be expected. I do feel a lot of the script could have down fewer F-bombs and still maintained its maturity.

The premise is an exciting one and different from anything that has come before. Rather than drum out another show about heroes and them saving the day, it shifts the dynamic to the villain. I know some might argue that she is more anti-hero these days, but the show has us pick her up as a villain. And that is the point, we get to see her find herself in this world without her man. The show has some good tones blended in with a healthy dose of fun. Girl power is front as center in this show, with Poison Ivy I a very strong supporting role.

Harley Quinn’s second episode built upon the first and actually feels like the better episode. This speaks well of the show and has me believe in the longevity of the series. It gives us more insight into the lives of the villains which I found both funny and entertaining. I especially enjoyed Bane and his “Hardy” voice.


Another hit out of the park for DC and their television run. Harley fills the gap in what is actually missing in the hero genre. True, it is a small segment, however, one that needed filling and nobody can fill gaps like Harley. The style may be a bit jaded and reins it some of the madness that one has come to expect from the HQ but then again we are only two episodes. I am sure there a whole bag of tricks that old demented damsel that still lies ahead. It is definitely a fun show and should be on any comic books watch list if you within the required age group (wink wink ).