One Night Hot Spring is a visual novel that has been created by Npckc and has been published on 27 February 2018. This visual novel is part one in what is a three-part series or trilogy you can find it on PC as well as Android.


The game is about a young woman who is trying to find herself in the world, the reason that makes this game so attractive and makes you want to interact with it. It is because the main character named Haru is a young transgender woman. (One Night Hot Spring )

It certainly stands out as one of the major features of this interactive visual novel. And yes the game discusses various topics and is playable for all ages.

The playthrough can last for about 30 minutes max, there are other characters that Haru interacts with who try to make her comfortable when all three of them agree to head out on a holiday together which brings up a lot of uncomfortably towards Haru, not to spoil the story any further but you know where I’m headed.

In Game Graphics

The game( One Night Hot Spring ) is 2D based with various cut scenes and captions. The characters are made simply the colors used for them, and the environment is excellent. There are various location backgrounds such as Haru’s room, their room on their holiday as well as the swimming room or hot springs. Really good use of the environment and colors to give you a feel for the game.

Final Verdict and Conclusion

Again it’s a visual novel in which you interact and makes your own decisions. When triggered to do so based on the scenario you in. This means that there are various endings and outcomes in the game.

This game has a really good story for those that are interested in story-driven based indie games.

I would definitely rate this as an overall really good indie game. you can download the game on itch.to: https://npckc.itch.io/one-night-hot-springs