Stargate was a movie I stumbled across way back when it first hit the theatres. Even today, I remember the night quite vividly. I was actually hoping to watch an R rated film but was cut short by my cousin. I saw the poster and said to myself it looks decent enough for a second choice. Boy was I wrong. It was spectacular.

Ra’s Al Bridge

It was unlike anything I had seen before. It took two fun categories (history and science fiction) and mashed it into one big bundle of goodness. While the premise of aliens and the pyramids are nothing new, the execution and ideology behind Stargate are indeed new. Or was new at that time. Made by the good folks who brought us Independence Day, it had that same blend of comedy, action, and popcorn goodness.

And sure it didn’t have a heavy hitter like Will Smith. However, Stargate did have Kurt Russell who was a big deal back in the late eighties. Let’s also not forget James Spader who would grow into an acclaimed actor. He never forgot his sci-fi roots and went on to play the titular Avengers villain Ultron.

I rewatched it this weekend in all its remastered glory and boy does it hold up. The special effects are still fun to behold. The acting is a bit dated but nothing that a moment of suspended disbelief won’t fix. I was still wowed. I still got engulfed in the magic and awe of the medieval space adventure. The nineties was indeed a great time for movies. Studios weren’t chasing billion-dollar benchmarks from every flick. Original concepts were a regular occurrence.

The coolest part of the show or movie will always be the gateway, back then the CGI was out of this world. Decades later it still holds that effect. The rush as the gateway takes hold and spits out like a watery whirlpool. I will never forget the goosebumps I had in the theatre.

Through the Looking Glass

It’s a pity a sequel was never made. Even back then, when trilogies weren’t the norm. I could smell a franchise a galaxy away. However, for whatever reason, it never came to be. Rather we got a television series. Now don’t get me wrong, the show was good… till a certain point. The brand grew into a phenomenon and went on to win the hearts of fans across the world. The core tv show lasted 10 seasons and that no small feat. 

There was loads of canon added to the franchise via different forms of media ranging from shows to books. The lore has become very expansive. A reboot has now dawned upon us in the form of another series. This proves there is a lot of stories still to tell. In fact, if you think about it, the storytelling potential is limitless. The Stargate offers is many worlds to explore. Hollywood loves the reboot, so maybe we will soon see a movie or two. Echo.