For so long, semi-nerdy couples across the globe have loved, and definitely overused, phrases like ‘he’s the Joker to my Harley Quinn’ ‘she’s the Louis Lane to my Superman’ ‘the Spiderman to my Mary-Jane’ and so on for what seems like an eternity. Needless to say, after a while it gets quite gut-wrenching how many comic book couples are out there that aren’t in abusive, psychotic and estranged relationships but yet no one runs around saying ‘she’s the Lady Death to my Thanos’. This Valentine’s day, let’s turn over a new leaf and start some new couple clichés with comic book couples that actually are #RelationshipGoals.

Raven and Beast Boy

Any fan of the Teen Titans, whether it be of the older animated series, comic books or the 2019 live-action that just got a second season available on Netflix, everyone can agree that this dynamic duo is quite possibly the cutest alternative couple out there. The dark and macabre daughter of a demon paired with a light-hearted and goofy shapeshifter, it’s the dream relationship of any emo teenage girl, yours truly included. #AlternativeCoupleGoals

Vibe and Gypsy

This Flash multiverse couple embodies the concept of a long-distance relationship. Undoubtedly they encounter their fair share of hurdles due to this but to anyone that only sees their partner once in a while, that second of reconnection is the most exhilarating moment of your day. Seeing this couple share that on screen and comic book page is absolutely adorable. #LongDistanceCouples

Black Bolt and Medusa

This couple is the Morticia and Gomez Addams of the comic world if you ask me. A couple that’s happy and content in their imperfections and if communication is the key to a relationship these two take it to a whole different level. Being able to communicate nonverbally has allowed this couple to not only create their own safe haven for each other but also seem to have a much deeper understanding of each other than verbally-capable couples do. #LoveBeyondWords

Apollo and Midnighter

Here’s a couple that literally went to hell and back to save one another. Being DC’s first openly gay couple some critics expected a little bit of upheaval at the characters debut in 2016 but writer Steve Orlando managed to portray both men in such a way that neither makes them feminine nor toxically masculine (like many comic heroes of the past) while still having both of them be strong and independent outside of their relationship, a point often missed with many female counterparts. #LoveWithoutBorders


To all the couples this Valentine’s Day; if you have to resemble any comic book couple, please make it a couple with a healthy relationship. Many thanks to the people who actually know their relationships.