LEGO has always been ahead of the curve, and even in the wake of the global pandemic has found new and innovative ways of helping us. More so our children. With the pandemic forcing our kids to stay at home we have been faced with many challenges. Kids’ screen time has quadrupled in reaction to both academic needs and entertainment.

With an escalation in online presence comes the potential for problems. Online etiquette is more important now more than ever. LEGO has made it their duty to hell guide the marvelous youth on the correct path to proper online protocols. They teach the kids how to be good digital citizens and the importance of online safety.

According to Kaspersky, parents spend just 46 minutes1talking to their children about online risks throughout their entire childhood as they find it difficult to express the risks in a relatable way. Small Builds for Big Conversations has been created to address such barriers by giving parents simple, fun ways to talk to children aged six to 10 about digital safety and wellbeing while they play.

Build and Talk

The ‘Build & Talk’ challenges are based around characters built from LEGO bricks, who represent both the positive and negative aspects of life online. Parents and children are encouraged to build similar characters with LEGO bricks they have at home. And use play and conversation prompts to talk about digital wellbeing, safety, and potential dangers.

It is never easy talking to kids about life and the lessons they need. For the topic of online safety and how to be a good digital citizen, it is even more difficult. Some of the jargon is lost on them and the concepts sometimes can be overwhelming especially on our precious little ones. Learning through play is the best way to get the message across without it becoming a boring old because dad says episode. Once again LEGO understands this better than anyone. If you really think about it that is their entire concept.

LEGO has always sparked imagination and creativity that’s morphs into real life. The lessons are subliminal and easily digested by anyone and yes that includes us old folk. And so LEGO has created some engaging activity packs aimed right at achieving the impossible.

Build Packs

The builds are available in three themed activity packs that include two character categories: ‘The Online Explorers,’ like ‘The Giggler’ who loves to watch and make online videos, and The ‘Watch-Outs,’ like ‘The Chameleon’ who represents strangers that pretend to be friends. Each activity pack includes inspiration on how to build the characters, as well as talking points and questions to help guide the conversation between parents and their children, helping them have a natural conversation, that leads to learning while they play. The content has been developed in line with UNICEF’s digital safety guidelines.

Even my kids are already fascinated by this as it takes their love for LEGO. It further builds on that foundation into many real-world applications. I wish more kids companies take this kind on initiative into the well being of the customers. It is needed now more than ever. Follow the link below to a better, digital life for your kid.