The Mandalorian season 2 has arrived and with it all the Baby Yoda meme ( I know it’s supposed to be the Child but I like Baby Yoda better and you can’t stop me). As well as everyone going “This is the way!” I wish I could say this bothered me but on the contrary, I quite enjoy it. A bit more compassionately on a Friday. Moving on… The show has won the hearts of many with its great storytelling. So how is it that the movies never produced this level of entertainment? What does the Mandalorian shine so brightly?

Looking Back

Well first let’s go back to the recent trilogy. No doubt it was entertaining but it just never had the awe of the original nor the prequels (Gulp) The Force Awakens was a rehash to A New Hope and The Last Jedi tried to backtrack and recon the con. Personally, I enjoyed this one the most of the three. The Rise of the Skywalker pulled a joker card at the close of the franchise. I reckon the marketing was poor too. Rather than hype up, old Palps return it should have never been revealed. The discovery of this only when watching the movie would have blown people’s minds. The word of mouth and the fact that Star Wars could still pull a fast one would have been amazing. Alas, that didn’t happen. Combine that with a very misleading title. It ended with a whimper, not a bang.

Enter the Mandalorian, a simple premise really. A bounty hunter grows soft on his target. Only they upped the ante by making that target a baby version of the famous Yoda. Make the hunter in the image of Boba and throw in some stormtroopers, mix it all together and you have a recipe that would make a Gordon Ramsey smile. Yeah, it’s that damn good. But that is the original point. It decided to draw elements and carve out its own little place in the universe.


The movies first relied heavenly on the past and when it didn’t work it switched it to go the opposite way. The Mandalorian hovers in between to find the sweet spot. It even draws from written works and animation. It begins to make a lot of things canon. It’s also a very contained story. Stars Wars were a little busy at times, something it shares with the prequels. The original trilogy however kept things very simple and linear.

Then there is Baby Yoda. At first glance, one thinks it is the cuteness that keeps most coming back but it’s actually the mystery. For 9 movies there has ever only been one of Yodas kind. Then boom we find another and he is also a force user? Hmm, something smells funny. 50 years old. Where does it place him in the larger timeline? There are a few floating theories but nothing conclusive. Again, that’s the point, just the presence has sparked so much.

The Mandalorian also has a heart. The bond between them is slowly forged. Essentially it is just a heart-warming adventure between two very different souls, joined together by fate. Also, it just oozes cuteness and coolness.