DC Superhero Girls on Showmax. If you don’t know the show, it’s a fun-filled animated series based on DC Comics’ most popular female characters. Yes, a show dedicated to just the glamourous girls from the DC world. The show has been around for some time but it’s finally available on the Showmax platform to view at your own leisure. Rendered is simplistic animation, it is the perfect entry point for young fans of superheroes.

Now as a dad of three beautiful girls, I found that while they liked the idea of superheroes they never connected. My girls range from four to eight years. The movies are too complex for them and the cartoons are either too violent or just aimed purely at boys. This show dials down the violence and cranks up the charm. It family friendly and created simple episodes with a moral lesson. It is light-hearted and easy to digest. Having the female characters de-aged in a manner of speaking also helps the kids relate.

Humble Beginnings

DC Superhero Girls stems from the web-series and eventually evolved into a fully-fledged animated show. It slowly developed a following of both young and old. More so it allowed me and my girls to find some common ground. As a dad, it is sometimes hard to connect over shows with growing girls. This show helped us find some great discussions. It also helps shape the mindset of a young impressionable mind. Girls can do anything a boy can, if not better. Again as a father of 3 girls, this is a quality I hope to instill in my kids. The show helps me drive that point. There is no doubt that TV weather fiction or factual is where kids feed off. So a show like this is most welcome.

These days I find my youngest singing (or trying to ) the theme song running around the house, cape around her neck, and a badly damaged Supergirl in her hand. Honestly, I love it. Superheros helped me find confidence as a kid and I hope it does the same for her. Girls need role models. Sure they have their mum, who is pretty kick-ass, but they also need that fictional hero. That larger than life person who can take on anything life throws at them. Let’s not forget the humor that gets chuckles out of us every time.


Forever Young

The options for comics for girls were never really there, however, DC seems to be making a valiant effort to change that. For a long time comics were seen as just a nerdy boy hobby. Truth be told it is far from that. It is just another fantasy world where you can read all about interesting characters and their adventures. Cartoons bring these fun characters to life.

DC Superhero Girls is currently airing on Showmax, I strongly recommend the show for all ages. It’s a great Saturday morning cartoon to have breakfast too. And we as parents surely can relate to cereal and cartoons cant we?