SSX 3: Retro Game Review

When it comes to my gaming life, my PS2 will always hold a dear place in my heart. I have the fondest memories of that console. The idea of Loot boxes or premium editions were all but unheard of. Gaming was simple. You grind long enough and you unlock amazing rewards. The SSX franchise knew this all too well.

It was during this time that Electronic Arts produced some of their best games ever. Before they became the greedy corporates of today. From Need for Speed Underground to this SSX 3. The snowboarding game that caught everyone off guard. I played SSX Tricky at a friend’s place and I was hooked from the first heat. Then came the legendary SSX 3.

It’s Tricky

This game took everything good about its predecessor and cranked up the volume to 11. It had amazing visuals and addictive gameplay. The rewards help you increase your ability in the game as well as provide new stunning costumes for the colorful characters. This all helps keep both the challenges and the gameplay fun and interesting. There were also loads of things to do. From simple Free Rides to Races or my favorite the Style portion. This is where you do insane tricks in the air to gain points.

So during the lockdown, I went looking for all my favorite Retro Games. This was pretty high up there. So how does it hold up?


Firstly if you retro gaming then graphics should not be your primary concern. With that being said, I am impressed. The visuals do hold up. Clearly not to today’s standards. But it still feels good and easy on the eyes. I think Microsoft may have updated the game just a smidge to accommodate for HD, but honestly, I can’t tell. To be even more honest it doesn’t even matter.


The gameplay is still so on point. The gameplay so cleverly mechanized that even my 8 year old manage to get into it quite easily.  It did take a while to get back into the full swing of things but soon I was getting good air and landing some gnarly tricks. I am nowhere near the level I used to be but that’s ok as it sets a bar to work to. After all, isn’t that what gaming is all about?


Damn, when the songs started to play it was like a flood of emotion. I forgot how great the music of this game was. There isn’t a song you would want to skip. It has something for everyone from rock to hip hop. The music simply just drives you to push harder and go higher than before. Always trying for that better trick or time.

Nostalgia at its Best

SSX 3 is a testament to why backward compatibility is so important to gamers. It will always be the purest form of gaming. Combined with its nostalgic effect it really does becomes ones happy place. It certainly has become mine. It’s truly a pity that we never got a current-gen version of it. The PS 3 one was decent enough to warrant it.

Here’s hoping it finds its way to the next-gen market… Till then It’s Tricky, It’s Tricky…