YouTube has some great original content, some of which you will need to dig a little to find. But there is still plenty you don’t need to go too far to find. I thought I would share my current watch lists. Yes, I said lists. I broke it down into two parts. There is this one of course and next week will be the follow-up. This one will focus on well-established international channels. I suppose it won’t be much of a news flash for some. But maybe just maybe I lead you to a channel that gets you hooked.

Screen Junkies – Honest Trailers

Yes, this is an old favorite of many. It has dipped a little in quality but still very entertaining. While Screen Junkies does have other segments to their channel, Honest Trailers is the sole reason I subscribe. The other videos seem a bit lengthy for my portable YouTube viewing. Thought they have been some interesting topics covered. But again, that should be watched on a TV or laptop at least. In any case, the premise of Honest Trailer is basically a satire version of a Movie Trailer. It is generally done after the Blu Ray release. There are spoilers so beware. There is Game Trailer version too but that is largely a hit and miss scenario.

How It Should Have Ended

Another very popular channel. Again this releases after the movie theatrical release. It also has major spoilers, so tread lightly. But it is extremely funny and highly entertaining. Be sure to check out Super Café or Villain Pub. Which has fun skit involving your favorite heroes and villains?

Just Some Random Guy

I really love this guy. He was making great stop motion videos. He was even called up by Marvel to create content for them. Somehow it all went dark. But he has been back recently and is slowly putting out content again. If you do choose to check out his channel, be sure to start with older material. That is his best work.

Screenrant – Pitch Meeting

Ryan George shines in this hysterical satire segment. Essentially a pitch meeting between a studio executive and a producer/writer. Both are played by Ryan and simply explore the funny side of studio decisions. I absolutely adore this show. It is cleverly written and acted out. The humor may be dry at times but always on point.

Gem Mint Collectibles

I am still new to this channel, but I am loving what I see so far. Great reviews on high-end collectible pieces. It probably helps that the presenter both sit a dream boy room. But he knows what he is talking about. This is not some parrot repeating buzz words on a review but rather a truly passionate person who is sharing is love for the hobby. And he offers some solid advice.

The Hillywood Show

Man, this girl does parody better than some fully funded studios. Yeah Current Saturday Night Live, I am looking at you. Her Supernatural/Ghostbusters parody is by far her greatest hit. Her videos are extremely polished and well scripted. Sure they montages but well planned and executed.

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