There has truly never been a better time to be a DC fan. Most of us are house-bound and desperate for something to do and DC is coming to the rescue. Not only did the brand new Batwoman series appear in the last week of April but The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow have all started their latest seasons too. Needless to say, DC fans would have probably been on their couch for the next couple weeks regardless of lockdown.

While the DC vs. Marvel showdown continues, one thing that definitely factors in is that where DC’s movies are not exactly the biggest box-office hits, they make up for that with absolutely gobsmacking TV series. With far better outcomes than Marvels’ attempts, (yes, I’m looking at you Iron Fist with a 20% Rotten Tomatoes score). And DC is undoubtedly hoping to continue their momentum with the ground-breaking Batwoman series.

Enter Batwoman…

Any fan of the Arrowverse will already know about the new kid on the small-screen block. Ruby Rose landed the role of Kate Kane, A.K.A. Batwoman in August 2018 and almost nothing but controversy has followed her since. Appearing in the annual crossover episode, many viewers had some worries about her solo show that would soon air. Some feared this series falling into the same dark story arch as Arrow or even worse, having the same uneven and mish-mashed the first season as Legends of Tomorrow.

Others had concerns around the casting and how far producers were planning to push the envelope. Ruby Rose definitely has the enigmatic persona that you would expect from Bruce Wayne’s cousin, but would she be able to deliver the hard-hitting Batwoman that comic fans know and love?

*Spoilers ahead*

After the premiere, it seems audiences are very split on what might happen with this character. Batwoman didn’t quite deliver the world-building that viewers are used to in Gotham. The generic ‘dark background with a hazy frame’ camera shots are reminiscent of the Batman movies and it lacks the humor that fans usually get from DC series.

Costuming was also a major nit-picking point, The Crows uniforms looked to be hardly an afterthought and Alice’s over-the-top Victorian attire was non-existent. While Batwoman has only just received her cowl, it is far from blowing anyone away. Possibly one of the most disappointing moments of the first episode is how blatantly ordinary Kate Kane is. In almost every scene she is outshined by those around her, aside from her distinguishing look, Kane is entirely forgettable.

Only time will tell if this forgettable person will turn into a forgettable series. There is still hope for Batwoman because the meat of her story is still to be told on the screen. With any luck, this won’t be her curtain call.