The Power Rangers have been around for over two decades, and they’re just don’t seem to be anything to stop them. Like most, I have fond memories of watching it as a kid. There is a type of Ranger for every person. Of course, my favorite is MMPR or for the less educated, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The new series is Beast Morphers and is actually quite good. It is amazing how far technology has come. Of course with new rangers comes new toys.


We got to review a few of the new toys from Hasbro. We were sent three items from the entry-level tier. This tier is aimed at kids aged between 4 and 7 years old. This range is less articulated and very robust. Its durability is critical as kids tend to really rough handle their toys. I am sure any parent (like myself) will be nodding at that understatement. These really can take a hammering and still look good. I gave it to the ultimate test subject, my youngest daughter. Firstly she was instantly drawn to the toys. Oddly enough she is the only one in the family who doesn’t watch Power Rangers.


The rangers are larger figures that come with the weapon. The ranger has a fair degree of movement in the legs but without the ability to bend his knees. His wrist does rotate which allows for multiple weapons poses. And of course, his head turns. They are very well detailed for the price range and made from quality plastic. It does not feel hollow inside and is slightly on the heavy side.


Power Rangers would never be what it is without the beloved Zords. With each Ranger having their own Zord that could combine with the others to form one Megazord. It was the best part of an episode. Even better was having the toy version of them. Once again Hasbro has delivered on producing excellent toy versions of the Zords. Even the ones aimed at the toddlers look pretty sweet. Again they do compromise the articulation for the gain of it being more robust, but not the aesthetics which are very much on point. Built quality is excellent as well as the paint application.

The lines reviewed here are mainline and can be found in most toy shops and larger supermarkets. I like this range of (uh well ) rangers. I had lots of fun with my kids, creating battles and sword fights. Then all sat down and had a tea party which I must say was quite refreshing after calling upon the power of the Zords.