It feels like a lifetime ago when the first Sonic trailer debuted much to the dismay of fans. However, the studio broke the rules and listened to the fans. And here we are today, to support the studio that had our back. Sonic the Hedgehog is the ugly duckling that became a swan.

Tom played by James Marsden is his ever loveable self, still blessed with his good heart and boyish charms his soon finds himself tangled up with Sonic. After saving Sonics’ life they soon embark on a journey to San Francisco to retrieve the rings. Soon Robotnik is on their trail. This leads to some great actions scenes and funny banter.

Jim is Back

The movie is a jammed packed humorous rollercoaster, which not only has you falling in love with the blue furball but also the supporting cast. Jim Carrey stands out as Dr. Robotnik, in fact, this is maybe his comeback movie.

The movie clearly understands the lead character, and this shows even in the opening credits. Using the rings in them is that little detail in the start that lets the viewer know that we in for a great time. The rings which are a key aspect of the game the movie is based on actually have a purpose here.

Jim Carrey is back baby, packing electricity than a Nuclear Plant. His performance here was nothing short of legendary. His comedic timing is always on point and his rubbers face is stretched to new horizons. Finally, the next generation gets to see his true talents.

Sonic does steal a little of Deadpool’s back to front storytelling style, but it actually is a good fit. This is a great popcorn flick to kick back with surrounded by friends. I plant to watch this again solely for the jokes. Sonic is an electrifying movie filled with fun and good feels.